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All you need to know about Academics, Tutoring and 1:1 Lessons to support your child to thrive in school or develop a special passion like a musical instrument.
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Tutoring and 1:1 lessons are a great way to help your child if it needs a bit of extra support in school or to help prepare for exams. Finding the right tutor is key and agencies can help. From math, science to entrance exams, on KIDSORTED you can read about what to look out for when selecting a tutor and you can also find agencies that can help you with the process. But tutoring and 1:1 lessons are not all about academics, they are also a great way to foster a passion for a music instrument: why not learn the violin, take piano or guitor lessons? Activities and services on KIDSORTED are curated by parents for parents. We help you find the best activities and services for your family in an efficient way so you have more time to play.