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Music Audio Stories
Age of pupils: 2 - 7
Denomination: None

Making learning easy and fun!

'Music Audio Stories' is an original audiobook company specialising in fun, educational audio stories for Early Learning, preschool and children aged 3+. The interactive audiobooks not only encourage children to take part in the story through drawing, song and dance, they inspire them to act out the scenes and be part of the magical journey.

Each story has excellent lessons which are taught in such a fun and simple way, children don’t even realise they are learning a lesson! These unique music audiobooks have been tried and tested in schools and nurseries and have been awarded 5 Star ratings on several websites.

Catch one their brilliant free Story Time Workshops at a London Library! 'Storytime with Anna-Christina' is presented by the author, composer and narrator of 'Music Audio Stories', Anna-Christina. They are fun, engaging, interactive, creative and educational. Events are listed on their website where you will also find a free download available.

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Music Audio Stories