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The Kids' Concert Company
Age of pupils: 4 - 15

The Kids Concert Company provides a concert experience which is tailor-made for children at the beginning of their musical journeys. These concerts include classical, jazz, and traditional music from other parts of the world.  They are a length that children can manage and keep the children involved and participating at all times whilst never detracting from their experience of really listening to and absorbing this wonderful music. THere are many opportunities for children to join in and ask questions. It's followed by tea and cake and a chance to chat to the musicians.

Concerts involve exploring different instruments. Children learn through example. If they want to get really good at something those examples need to be great! A child aspiring to play fantastic football will regularly watch a professional match. Music is the same. A child learning the violin needs to hear some really great violinists! Music is a universal language. Let's spread the word.

Hello I'm Holly, a pianist, singer, music leader, teacher and curator. My aim is to bring people and communities together and create joy through music. My own musical journey began with bedtime songs. My dad sung me to sleep every night. I then came to the piano age six starting with Bach and Mozart. I later studied at The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester University and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I have founded The Kids' Concert Company to inspire children learning instruments. Music is a universal language that everyone can speak. My role is to make sure that happens.

One adult ticket must be purchased per order. Tickets are non-refundable.
Rosslyn Hill Chapel, 3 Pilgrims Place, London, NW3 1NG
Christchurch Highbury, 155 Highbury Grove, London, N5 1SA
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