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Bear Coding

We teach children computer coding as a creative tool.

We offer private tutoring using the curriculum we created to get kids coding in a creative and fun way using Python.

We also offer holiday camps in which we teach a small group of children computer coding unlocking their creative potential in the digital world. Children will develop their artistic, analytical thinking and mathematical skills whilst learning Python and how to use it to translate their very own ideas into a computer. Children create mini-projects based on their own ideas. In the past, students have built: simple Calculators, "Rock, Paper, Scissors games", Clocks, countless animated graphics and shapes… More advanced students are more than welcome and special projects will be prepared to suit their level. The work done by each student will be uploaded at the end of each day on a website we will provide for them.

Alex is our founder and main tutor he is an engineer and designer with a triple mater from Imperial College and the Royal College of Art and Design. He has developed our curriculum and is very passionate about sharing his professional knowledge in computer coding.

Oliver is Alex partner in Bear Coding and is a fashion designer by training who was worked in Paris, Tokyo and run his own fashion label in London. He is passionate about learning skills that further creativity such as computer coding.

Sophie is supporting our coding camps and is a conceptual artist based in New York. She is passionate about getting children to explore and discover their inner artist.
Tara (Feb. 2, 2017, 9:40 p.m.)
This is a wonderful course that is essential for all children in today's tech focussed world and will set them apart from their peers. It is taught by an extremely gifted teacher who makes learning so much fun so if you are going to send your child on any course this should be the one. I would highly recommend it!

Rubia (Feb. 3, 2017, 9:12 a.m.)
What an amazing course! I booked a Bear Coding course for my son who did not know coding at that time. He absolutely loved it and was so proud of his skills he aquired. As a mom it was lovely to see how enthusiastic he was after each session. The way Bear Coding is teaching children is great as the team works on each childs pace, personalising their way of coding. Great atmosphere and brilliant tutors!!! Will definately book the next level for my son!

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