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Age of pupils: 5 - 18
Denomination: None

Kids wearing you out?
Nothing planned after school?
Looking for something that will entice them away from the Xbox?
Wanting something different for young Alex's or Jane's birthday party this year?

Your search is over - the MOOSE is here to the rescue!

If you are looking for a weekly program that will ensure your child grows up fit and healthy, a routine for siblings/friends, or a 2 hour sports party during which all will enjoy the great British outdoors, the MOOSE is here for you. As parents ourselves, we know what kids like (and dislike), and have a wealth of fitness experience across all age groups.

Healthy kids are happy kids. Their concentration at school is better and their fitness helps build confidence.  We cater for ages 5 to 18.  The MOOSE can guarantee laughs, fun, and fitness. Your kids will never want to watch TV again (well, not as much at any rate!).

Improving children's health is good for their future... and for yours!

The MOOSE offers an innovative approach to personal fitness.  While the MOOSE is results-driven, we also understand the importance of having a fun, friendly, and fabulous environment for workouts.  It is a simple concept.  If you enjoy working out, you don’t dread it.  If you feel encouraged rather than intimidated, you look forward to your next workout.  If you begin to feel and to look better, you keep coming back.  So will your kids!

Read more about our trainers here*, especially Nick, Greg, and Sammy!  Don't forget to check out our reviews too!

*All personal trainers are fully insured, have first aid certificates, and have criminal record checks.



The MOOSE offers a variety of payment options ranging from pay-as-you-go sessions (individual or group), auto top-up (via direct debit) or one-off introductory offers.  Specifically for kids, we have a special Kids' Fitness Introductory Offer which retails for £100 for 3 sessions. Moreover, we encourage our clients to invite a friend, a partner, a sibling… anyone they like… heck, even the family dog.  The price is the same.
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