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Et Patati Patata
Age of pupils: 4 - 16
Denomination: None

Fun French E- Summer Holiday Day Camp 2020! On va s'amuser les enfants!

Number 1 London French Day Camp ! The French immersion programme. Beginners welcome!

#Learn French from Home. Fun French Holiday Day camps in live video; #Number 1 London French Day Camp goes live! The French immersion programme. #Award winning school Quality Mark NRCSE “outstanding” and Brilliant Business Awards H&F for our e learning platform best Tech start-up 2019


All our program goes online on our e-learning platform in small groups of 6. And 3 age groups

Each day : 1 hour of French lesson + 1 hour french workshop : Drama-Singing-Dessin-Music 100% French Fun!


When ? E-Summer ! July 20th-24th , July 27th-31st , August 3rd-7th, August 24th- 28th, September 31st- 4th.

10h-11h-Break-11h45-12h45 : Les petits

10h00-11h30-11h45-12h45 : Les teenagers

 Where ? Face to face instant sharing in live video!


Contact :


 French immersion led by an certified, experienced, native French speaking primary teacher (Professeur des écoles françaises Académie de Paris).

 100% French Club-100% French Fun! 160£week
Flora gardens primary school, Dalling Rd, London W6, fulham, W6 0UD
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Et Patati Patata