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Top 10 Travel Products

By Local Community Managers

bagrider1. Mountain Buggy Bagrider

The bagrider Mountain Buggy will solve all travel problems with young ones. It enables you to travel effortlessly, and a seat for children up to 15 kg, and includes a safety harness for your little one. A must!

yoyo babyzen buggy

2. Yoyo Babyzen Buggy

The fact this buggy can be taken on board planes means that little ones can stay on it right outside of the plane = no crying kids while waiting to cross passport control or walking to the departure hall! AND, no crying parent when the buggy is lost or not on the luggage belt (but on the other end of the airport with "odd sized" baggage)!



3. Bickiepegs

With this Bickiepegs Teething cookie, your little one will not make a mess of the food, and will also be distracted for awhile!


cozigo4. CoziGo

The CoziGo, a sun/sleep cover that fits bassinets and prams. I also managed to put it over a train seat, just to isolate baby from light and constant movements.


plane pal5. Plane Pal

This is an ingenius inflatable cushion to make the plane/train/car seat bigger so he can sleep or play! Comfortable baby = happy you!


flyebaby flight hammock6. Flyebaby Flight Hammock

It’s ultra-compact, lightweight, washable, and easy to carry in a travel pouch. Leaves you hands-free and lets baby sleep in a better position. The main advantage of this little flight gadget is the face-to-face positioning making the flight more enjoyable and peaceful for parent and baby.


koo-di bubble cot

7. Koodi Bubble Cot

We find this travel cot the lightest in weight and most practical to pack, occupying very little space in the suitcase. Easy to assemble and the zip up netted front allows air circulation within the cot and protects baby from mini beasts. The mattress is inflatable but purchased separately.



8. Trunki

Cute designs and appealing to toddlers, this little pull along trolley allows young ones to sit on their hand luggage and be pulled around when tired or simply pulled by themselves. It’s a ride on suitcase for little ones. Comes with stickers for personalisation – another something to do on the plane if you wish.



9. Zinc Flyte Scooter

A scooter and hand luggage for kids, all in one! This ingenious scooter finally frees parents from having to carry kids hand luggage once they’re tired of carrying it themselves (often they get tired of it a little too quickly).


skybaby travel mattress

10. Skybaby Travel Mattress

Perfect fully-washable mattress for use on airplanes, works with or without airline infant belt. With this travel mattress, your baby will be comfortable anywhere you sit on the plane!


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