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The Quiet Book Tutorial - Part IV

By Vicky Mallinson

Happy Thursday! It’s Vicky here again from Just one more day till the weekend, hope you all have lots of plans to enjoy the last few weeks of summer?

This week we're on Part 4 of the How To Sew a Baby Quiet Book Tutorial (you can see part 1part 2 and part 3 here and also here where I have put all my quiet book page ideas and quiet book tutorials into one section on the blog.

So this week, as promised, we're delving into the individual pages. If you've been following the Quiet Book Tutorial since Part 1, you will now have all of your photo pages finished and your blank quiet book activity pages ready to go. Let's get those blank pages out and start having some fun!

1. Pearl Bead Counting Quiet Book Page Idea

The first page in my quiet book features a string of large pink faux pearls, stolen from an old bracelet of mine. As each activity page in my quiet book aims to reflect the person in the photo page next to it, I thought a string of pearls would be perfect for Mummy. While Clara is little, she can have fun pushing the beads across the string, and as she gets older we can start using them to count with and do basic maths.

Title page of the Quiet Book, with chain

To make this page you will need:

  • Plastic beads or pearls
  • Prym eyelets (and a hammer)
  • Thin elastic or embroidery floss (I used embroider floss as I didn't have any elastic)
  • Two flat buttons
  • Small length of miniature bunting
  • Felt shapes


1.Mark on your fabric square where the two holes will go for the string. Using your Prym Eyelets kit, punch the hole through the fabric and then attach the eyelets according to the instructions (pay attention here to make sure you get the eyelet right side up - I made a few mistakes throughout the book on this and it really annoys me!).

2. Thread your embroidery floss onto an embroidering needle and weave it through the button hole several times, finishing with a knot to make sure it is nice and secure. With the button at the back of the fabric, take your needle through the eyelet to the front of the fabric.

Stitching embroidery in the fabric of the Quiet Book

3. Thread your pearls onto the embroider floss (I used 8) and then take your needle through the other eyelet to the back of your fabric again. Attach another button in the same way and knot it securely. Your pearl string should now be safely attached to the fabric.

4. To make your mini bunting, cut out a small triangle shape from a piece of card as a template and cut 6 pieces out. Sew two pieces right sides together down the long sides of the triangle, leaving the 3rd edge open. Repeat with the other 4 pieces so you have 3 flags for your bunting. Turn right side out and press. Now pin your flags into bias trim folded over the open edge of each flag and sew onto your quiet book page. This is also how to make normal bunting for your nursery....easy

5. I then glued felt shapes underneath each flag so there would be something fun to see when baby lifts the flaps up!

2. Make a Face Quiet Book Page Idea

The next page in my quiet book, the Daddy page, was inspired by Daddy's glasses. The best game in the whole world for Clara right now is pulling Daddy's glasses of his face. So I decided to make pop-on glasses for the page, along with other facial features that could be popped on and moved around. In time, I can make other additions like moustaches, beards, different mouths etc. that will be a lot of fun to play with.

Put a funny face in your Quiet Book

I don't have detailed instructions (sorry forgot to take photos!) for this page, but you will need:

  • Felt in different colours
  • PVC fabric
  • Prym poppers


1. For the eyes, I just cut out the shapes and glued them onto the fabric. They eyes are therefore not removable.

2. For all the other shapes (nose, mouth, tongue), I cut two pieces in the felt and two pieces in the PVC. I then stitched them all together in a sandwich (felt, pvc, pvc, felt) to give the shapes extra support to stand up to pulling from little fingers!

3. For the glasses, I just cut two pieces of PVC for the glass in the middle and two pieces for the bridge of the nose piece for support, then sewed them into the felt frames.

4. Follow the instructions from Prym on how to attach the poppers, and you're done!

3. Tell the Time on the Clock Quiet Book Page Idea

The clock quiet book page goes next to the gran and grandad photo - my father has a huge collection of clocks (he repairs and refurbishes antique clocks and watches!) so I thought this was very apt. It attached the clock face with velcro to the fabric square - not sure why I decided to at the time but it's actually fun for Clara now to pull it off and stick it back on. It will also allow for repairs down the road, as I suspect the clock hand will need patching up in time! (I will also add two hands at some point so we can really work on telling the time!).

To make this clock quiet book page you'll need:

  • Small piece of cotton fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Quilt wadding (batting)
  • Felt
  • PVC
  • Button
  • Sew on velcro
  • Prym eyelet (these things are the nuts, as you can tell I use them everywhere!)

Put the wadding in the Quiet Book


1. Cut out two circles in your fabric using a bowl as a template. Cut two further circles from the interfacing and one from the wadding.

2. Sew two strips of the sew-on velcro onto one of the cotton fabric circles (this will be the back).

3. Iron on the interfacing onto the fabric circles to make them nice and stiff (for instructions on how to use fusible interfacing see here).

4. Now layer your circles together as follows: wadding, cotton fabric right side up, cotton fabric right side down.

5. Pin together and sew around the edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a gap of about 4 inches to turn the clock face right side out.

6. Turn right side out and top stitch the gap closed

Adding a clock to the Quiet Book

7. Cut your clock face numbers using the instructions here on how to cut letters and numbers out of felt, and arrange them on the clock face. Make sure they're not too large that you won't fit them all on! Glue these babies down with Anita's tacky glue, or your fabric/craft glue of choice.

8. Finally, we're going to make the dial. Using your Prym eyelets kit, punch a hole in the centre of the clock face and attach the eyelet. For the hand, cut two x arrow out of felt and 2 x arrow out of pvc for strength. Some them all together as shown in the photo below. Now sew a button onto the top of the arrow and a button on the other side of the clock face, going through the eyelet. Make sure this is very securely sewn. This will now allow you to turn the hand any way you want.

9. The last step is to sew the other side of the velcro to the fabric square so you can velcro the clock face on.

4. Purse Quiet Book Page Idea

This page is very simple, but very effective. I found the purse at TK Maxx for just a few pounds. You could make your own, but to be honest it's so much easier to buy a cheap one like this! This page is lots of fun - at the moment I just have the purse filled with objets trouvés (random pieces of junk, like a ticket stub, bottle cap, yoghurt lid....seriously, Clara loves this crap). When she gets a little older I might sew some felt coins and notes, or put steal some monopoly money so we can play shop with the purse!

Your baby will love the purse on the Quiet Book

I literally just sewed the purse down onto the fabric square - going over the top of the stitches already on the purse along the two sides and bottom, and at the top sewing into the back layer of the purse only (so that you would be able to open it!).

5. Buttons Quiet Book Page Idea

This is Clara's favourite page right now, by far. A pretty simple concept, but to a 9 month old it's golden. Elastic is woven through various eyelets throughout the fabric, with buttons attached for her to grab and pull. When you pull one button, it moves the others as they're all connected on one piece of elastic.

Connect the buttons to the Quiet Book with a piece of elastic

What you'll need for the button quiet book page

  • Prym eyelets (oh yeah)
  • Buttons of various colours and shapes
  • Elastic
  • Felt buttons (you can find these on ebay)


1. Using your Prym eyelet kit, fix eyelets into a number of spots across your page. I did 7 eyelets, but you can do as many as you want.

Put eyelets in the Quiet Book

2. Start with a hole at one corner of your fabric, thread the elastic through both holes of your button and then through the eyelet and attach a button on the wrong side, like you did in the pearl string quiet book page (above) to secure it. Make sure this is firmly knotted. So at the start and finish of your elastic, you'll have buttons on both sides.

3. Now take the elastic up through an eyelet onto the right side of the fabric, thread on a button (or several, as you can see I did top left below) and back down through an eyelet. Continue with the remainder of your eyelets and buttons.

4. Finish the page off by gluing some felt buttons onto the page in coordinating colours.

Coloured buttons on the colour page of the Quiet Book

That's all for this week (and certainly enough to keep you going!). Next week we have the last 2 activity quiet book pages and then the binding, and you will have finished your quiet book!

Have a fab weekend.

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by Vicky Mallison from The Nursery Project

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