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Q&A with Cornelia from SplotchBird

By Julia Brucher

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Cornelia and I am a mum of 4 kids aged 8,6,4 and nearly 3 yrs old. I am originally from Germany but I have been living in the UK for nearly 19 years now. My husband is Brazilian which makes our household quite an international mix with three different spoken languages and loooots of family travelling abroad. It's constantly loud at home too with the kids either laughing and playing and fighting amongst each other.... sometimes I stay longer in the office just because it's quieter!

2) How did you come up with the idea of SplotchBird?

My background was actually in investment banking but after 15 years I had to break free and let my creativity run wild. I completed several photography courses at Kensington and Chelsea College, but I am pretty much self-taught. I continued to snap away and over time my passion grew for staged photography. I started creating storybooks for friends and family, such as Alice in Wonderland and A Dragon Adventure, but instead of real props I decided to use hand-drawn digital illustrations instead. I then realised that kids could actually draw their own art into which they can literally step into... digitally.... and so SplotchBird (a name my son came up with) was born.

3) What can people expect on their Christmas Family Photo session?

I have turned my home photo-studio into a Winterwonderland using props with Snowy Christmas Trees and decor. Your Christmas photo shoot will last about 20-minutes in which we will aim to take photos with your kids standing up next to the Christmas tree (portrait format) and a close-up photo sitting at the base of the tree (landscape format). Although the shoot is aimed at your kids, I am happy for you to try to squeeze-in the entire family. Once the studio-photos are taken, I will make a selection of the best photos of which you will choose TWO for your edited digital photos. SplotchBird will then go away and do some magic using illustrated snowflakes, snow and stars. Your final image will as if you have stepped into your own Winterwonderland.

4) How do you juggle work and family?

If you haven't known by now, I am actually an executive at KIDSORTED!! I am lucky enough to work exactly in-between my house and my kids' school, so if there is an emergency, I can be there within 5 minutes. My kids also love to pop by the office for a quick hello on their way home after school and even though it may just be a hug and a kiss, it definitely brightens my day. Otherwise, I have a great Germn au-pair who is almost like a big sister to my kids and helps with the day-to-day stuff like school runs, playdates and homework. I also have an amazing housekeeper who basically keeps the house in check and makes sure we have proper food on the table.

5) What are your plans for this Festive Season?

My parents are coming over from Germany for an early Christmas and we will for sure go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, eat Bratwurst and drink Gluehwein.... after we go on the rollercoaster! We are then leaving for Christmas to Brazil where we will see Santa wearing shorts and sunglasses.

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