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Mama in the Know with KidPix founder Katya Pogudina

By Kirsten Bijl

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1) Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Katya Pogudina and I am the mum of two wonderful girls: Maria (5) and Nina Rose, living in Chelsea. Apart from being a mum I am also an entrepreneur. I recently launched KidPix, a new shopping platform for baby and children’s clothes.

2) How did you get the idea for KidPix?

My daughter Maria is the inspiration for the business. KidPix combines her passion for dressing up, accessorising and getting parcels through the post. KidPix offers busy parents a curated selection of unique independent designers via our KidPix boxes (you choose your budget and style preferences and we do the rest!) and our weekly online pop-up stores showcasing exclusive collections from our favourite up and coming designers.

We aim to make shopping for the little ones simple, fun and personal. We strive to promote independent designers and support an awesome charity along the way - for every KidPix box sold, we donate £10 to KIDS, a UK based disabled children's charity.

3) What is your top 3 of parenting hacks that have helped or still help you?

- Get a Labrador! Our golden Labrador Kona is our unofficial babysitter. The girls are completely obsessed with her and spend hours chasing her around the house.

- Sticker books! We don’t go anywhere without them. They are perfect on a rainy afternoon at home, in a restaurant and of course a must when getting on a plane.

- Have time for yourself. Do yoga, go for a run, join a book club or a wine society. Being a parent is tough, and it never stops, so it is important to do things that make you happy outside of your family. Self care gives you a chance to recharge and reflect meaning that you become a better parent as result.

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4) How do you spend the day in Chelsea?

We are lucky as Chelsea and surrounding areas have so much tooffer. A typical Saturday for us is as follows: Breakfast at Oree on the Kings Road, a beautiful French boulangerie with the best croissants and coffee. 10.30am St Luke’s playground or the Science Museum in South Kensington if it’s raining. 12.30 Duke of York farmers market is a Saturday tradition in our family – the girls normally go for the burger and my husband and I love the Jamaican Jerk chicken and fresh coconuts. It is also a lovely spot to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. 2pm. Battersea Park. In the afternoon, we cross the river with our dog and scooters to spend the afternoon exploring the park, Battersea Zoo and the playground. 4.30pm I sneak off for a hot yoga session at Triyoga on the Kings Road while the girls unwind at home with my husband after a busy afternoon. 6.30pm We have dinner as a family and discuss our favourite parts of the day. 7.30pm The girls are normally asleep after a long bath and a bedtime story. 8.00pm My husband and I will watch a movie together or a friend who lives nearby will stop by for a glass of wine and a catch up.

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5) Advice to your younger self and what are three things you want to teach your children?

Believe in yourself and don’t be so anxious about things that are out of your control. And for my kids: to dream big, to be kind and to believe in themselves.

6) Something your kids do that make you smile:

My eldest daughter Maria loves animals so whenever she sees a little dog, cat or bird she always waves at them. You would be surprised how many animals there are in London, so we seem to be continuously waving from the school to home!

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