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Life as a Notting Hill Yummy Mummy

By Julia Brucher

Isabella Davidson, author of the Notting Hill Yummy Mummy Blog has just published her first book "The Beta Mum, Adventures in Alpha Land". Reason enough for KIDSORTED to meet for a one on one interview to get the inside scoop from Isabella herself on life as a 'Notting Hill Mummy'. She describes herself as "chronicling the absurd but wonderful, ridiculous but sometimes inspiring, lives of Notting Hill residents". Her book is fiction. Isabella says "No, I am not the main character. All West London mums are not horrible. Although, reading this book you may be led to believe so. Most London mums are absolutely lovely and wonderful (I am one and most of my friends are!), but no one wants to read a book about mothers all being lovely and nice to each other! There would be no story to tell and that would just be very boring and no one would read it. So, I’ve piled on the bitchiness and horridness on a few of my characters (And we’ve all come across one or two ‘Mean-Mums’ or super-competitive mums…) Hopefully my next book will be more positive!"

Our group of Local Community Managers (quite a few of them being West London mums) gave raving reviews. In fact, one of them sent a late night message saying ... OMG - it's so hilarious, I can't put it down. It totally got me off Netflix. Well - if that's not a raving review, what is?

Isabella says herself "it is more like a gossip-session with a friend than a life-altering book. I have written about what I know best right now: the struggles of motherhood in London. It is about loneliness, relationships, losing your identity after becoming a mother, competitive mothering, trying to be the perfect mother, and trying to find the balance between being a parent and being an individual."

Watch our 1:1 interview with Isabella now and don't miss to enter into the prize draw to win a signed copy of "The Beta Mum, Adventures in Alpha Land"! Simply comment with a question for Isabella on the Facebook Post with her video HERE. Prize draw is Monday 21 August 2018. Usual KIDSORTED Competition T&Cs apply.


Team KIDSORTED met with Isabella for a 1:1 interview and we also grilled her on a couple of questions about life in Notting Hill, parent fails, parenting hacks and more.

Take it away, Isabella!

1. On living in Notting Hill: Like I say on my blog, it is wildly entertaining, sometimes ridiculous, but also very inspiring. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. And whenever I come back from holiday and see the beautiful pastel ad white coloured Victorian terraced houses, I know I am home.

2. On writing a book: It is so bloody difficult! It's like an obstacle course that never ends: the first obstacle is finding an idea, then moulding the idea, putting it down on paper, writing it, then throwing it out, writing some more, editing, editing, editing, then submitting it to agents and publishers, getting it accepted or rejected, selling the book and the list goes on.

3. Sanity Saver: Getting out of London during school holidays so my children can play outdoors all day long and I don't have to organise anything. Instead, they run in the grass, play in the sand, pick mushrooms in the forest, climb trees, ride ponies, play in a village square and I can take a breather from the London insanity.

4. # Mumfail: Bringing my child to nursery when the school was still on holiday. Not reading emails and forgetting to return forms. Just yesterday my daughter missed out on learning a school instrument because I missed an email about choosing a school instrument.

5. #ParentingHack: I trained my eldest daughter to dress my youngest daughter and to prepare their breakfast. It gives me a few extra minutes of sleep each day!

6.Best about living with kids in London: They love their friends and school and there is so much for kids to do in London, from activities, to theatre, to playing in London garden squares. Worst about living with kids in London: The competitiveness that is evident in the schools here, sometimes the excess that my children are exposed to, and I always wish for more outdoor space!

7. Describe yourself with 3 adjectives: Fun, emotional, hard-working.

8.Typical weekday morning: I get up, stop my children from fighting, get dressed and ready, have breakfast with the girls (weetabix and porridge for them, cappuccino for me), take them to nursery/school and then work on my book, doing interviews, answering emails, following up with reviewers etc...

9. 3 values you want to instil in your kids: Being grateful, being kind, and having a good work ethic/being hard working.

10. What did you want to become when you were a child? An actress, a writer and a doctor. 2 out of 3 is pretty good!

Did you get hooked? You can buy the book Beta Mum. Adventures in Alpha Land here on Amazon.

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