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Handy Hints for Outside Parties

By Rebecca and Hannah at Pepper Pot Parties

Outside Parties for Children

Whether you are hosting a children’s party yourself or are planning to book an entertainer, Pepper Pot Parties have some handy hints to help ensure your party runs smoothly!

Schools have broken up for the Summer and the sun is (pretty much) shining so what better excuse than to have your child’s party outside in the open air. Be it in your garden, a hired venue with outside space or a local green area, Pepper Pot Parties are on hand to assist.  If your child’s birthday doesn’t fall during the Summer months don’t worry, you can successfully host an outdoors party at any time of the year with  a little preparation! For more information or to book a Pepper Pot Party please feel free to visit our website at or email Rebecca and Hannah at


Should I book an Entertainer?

This is one of the most common questions parents ask themselves when planning a

children’s party. Booking entertainment can relieve the pressure of hosting a party and allow you to spend some quality time with your adult friends as well as having lots of fun with your child and their friends joining in the games and activities together. An entertainer can run lots of activities and games and get the children playing together, leaving you free to take photos and get the birthday cake ready!

If your budget does not allow for an entertainer or you simply prefer to run a party yourself then preparation is the key. You will need to have plenty of games and activities up your sleeves. Kids will not sit still for long so we suggest you mix up higher energy games with calmer moments to keep them on their toes. Be prepared to alter your activities or running order on the day, you need to be flexible with little ones.

Outside Party

Not only is an outside party a great way for kids to let off some steam but it also minimises mess and cuts down on work for you. Outside spaces can easily be transformed into magical wonderlands with a little bit of work and for a few hours children can be transported to an imaginary world with the help of a little decoration!  Some favourite themes at Pepper Pot Parties are fairy grottos, a pirate ship, island or an outer space theme. With a pirate theme you can use chocolate money as ‘treasure’ which can be hidden around the area along with coloured paper or card palm trees and treasure chests and a box of pirate hats or patches for the children to wear on arrival.  We love to offer facepainting or temporary tattoos and find them great ways to enhance a chosen theme and always popular with kids of all ages. A successful party theme need not be expensive, in fact some of the best outside themed parties we have seen at Pepper Pot Parties were the most simple and just used the surroundings creatively to add to the effect.

For older children rock star parties and dance parties are very popular and suit an outside party perfectly using lots of glitter and neon colours. For little ones a superheroes theme is also a popular idea and the use of outside space allows the kids room to fly like superheroes and let off some steam!


We find at Pepper Pot Parties that children of all ages, especially toddlers, go wild for the two b’s...bubbles and balloons! A bubble gun/wand is a cheap addition to any party and well worth investing in. Kids can try to pop as many bubbles as possible whilst jumping to music or else dodge the bubbles to avoid them popping. Balloons are also a cheap and easy way to introduce some fun games. If you have an entertainer booked they can create colourful balloon animals, hats, swords and fairy wings which are always a guaranteed hit and give your mini guests a memento to take home with them!

Your garden is the perfect setting to let kids’ imaginations run riot and at Pepper Pot Parties we love to use imagination games and stories to lead kids on an adventure such as flying over mountains or flying over the woods. This can lead really well into a treasure hunt and allow the kids to continue their imaginary story to find the treasure or collect certain things that have been pre-planted.

Amongst some music and games, a craft table is a great way to keep younger children busy and by setting this up outside there is no worry about any mess.  You can easily set up an area supplying materials for children to get creative to make hats, wands, masks or kites which they can then take home with them.

When the days start to get colder, do not despair as you can still create a hugely successful outside party whatever the weather! As long as you warn your guests that the party will be held outside and that they may need to wrap up warm you could incorporate fun outside activities in all seasons such as apple bobbing in Autumn, Easter Egg hunts in Spring and sparklers or marshmallow toasting for Bonfire Night. With lots of dancing and jumping and high energy activities everyone will have a great party whatever the weather!

Food and Games with Food

At Pepper Pot Parties we love an outside picnic for teatime. It is easy to throw down some blankets and set up food on the floor for both adults and kids to get stuck into. Plan to have a break in the middle of your party for drinks and snacks to keep kids fresh and focused.  Keep it simple, colourful and easy to eat. Kids can be fussy eaters so don’t spend money on fancy food or have too many options. We would recommend a mix of fresh and healthy foods like finger sized vegetable sticks and party food favourites like triangle sandwiches and cocktail sausages. Individual bags of crisps, fruit and drinks will also help to avoid arguments. Check in advance for any food allergies and don’t forget the baby wipes!

A couple of outside party favourites of ours are mini hotdogs (perfect if you have the BBQ going) and homemade icepops with fruity flavours.  

When it comes to parties outside we love incorporating food and games together and find that kids love it just as much as us. One of our favourite food games is to use string to tie doughnuts to branches of a tree and challenge the kids to eat the doughnut without using their hands….silly, sticky and a huge amount of fun, just make sure you have those baby wipes to hand afterwards!

Pepper Pot Parties’ Dos and Don’ts

When planning an outside party we are often governed by the good old British weather so always be prepared. Here are some of our top tips for the perfect outside party.

Do let your guests know in advance you plan to hold our party outside and ideas of dress codes to match your party or theme eg ‘dress for a pirate theme’ or ‘wrap up warm and bring gloves’

Do have a Plan B wet weather option and let guests know eg ‘party will happen outside come rain or shine’ or ‘if we get some rain we will divert the party inside to the front room’

Don’t forget to have a supply of sun lotion ready for your guests and it may also be fun to have a little stock of summery accessories to hand out to your guests like sunglasses, hats and disposable cameras.

Do plan your space thoughtfully and have some shady areas for your guests to cool down should it be a hot day for eg under a tree or a separate gazebo/marquee and equally some cover should a shower be forecast!

Do think about your music. Having some great music planned is a must for any children’s party. Uptempo songs, both new and old favourites, with a good beat are perfect for party games to get the kids moving and having fun. Position your speakers above head height and turn towards the house for the best possible sound. 

We would love to hear from you if you are planning a party and would like to book a children’s entertainer, face painter or balloon modeller for an upcoming celebration. For more information visit our website, give us a call on 07580303725 or drop us an email to

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