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Half Term Science Camp in South Kensington - Q&A with Richer Education

By Q&A with Sian Chalkley, Lead STEM Advisor

KIDSORTED met with Sian Chalkley, Lead STEM Advisor at Richer Education to find out more about their popular Science Camp that is running during Half Term in South Kensington.

1. Tell us a bit about the upcoming Halfterm Camp starting Tuesday 30th May in Kensington. What will children learn during the four days of camp?

Our Half Term camp has been designed to be hands-on, engaging and fun. Each day covers a different theme, and children will be participating in a variety of activities and experiments while being guided by a specialist science tutor. We incorporate a mixture of demonstrations, group work and independent work throughout the week.

The following is a breakdown of what children will be doing each day:

Tuesday 30/05: The Final Frontier

Our first session of the May half term camp blasts off with this session on space and rocket science. Children will be constructing their water and air-powered rocket and learning about the role of propellants, reaction mass and trajectory.

Wednesday 31/05: Calling all Chemists!

We deal with all things chemical in this session as children are expected to understand how chemical bonds make or break as part of a chemical reaction. We will look at reactions such as fermentation, catalytic decomposition, and neutralisation.

Thursday 01/06: Bones of Steel

Bones of steel addresses how bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and muscles are organised to form a joint by using a chicken wing and thigh as examples. We will also be testing the strength of a bone and dissolving bones in different liquids.

Friday 02/06: Innovation Day

Innovation day explores the contribution of scientists from the past and how they have helped shaped our understanding of science. We will use examples from Archimedes and his work on displacement to calculate the density of an unknown material.

2. Regarding age range, you cater to 4 - 11-year-olds. How is the content of the camp tailored to the different age groups?

We always place children into separate groups according to their age and level of knowledge. Our adult, child ratio is normally 1:12. Each group is guided by a specialist tutor who has been trained in delivering the content to a particular age group. We encourage children in the (9-11-year olds) and (8-7 years old) groups to be challenged by introducing new and complex concepts. Whereas, children in the youngest age group (4-6-year-olds) will focus on understanding and recalling science facts.

3. Regarding logistics: should kids bring snacks & lunch? Anything else to know before you book?

Children are required to bring a sufficient amount of water and a few snacks for the day. Children are also required to bring their packed lunch.

We have two breaks. During our lunch break we also take the children outside (weather permitting).

Due to the nature of our activities, we expect all children to be suitably dressed with long hair tied back.

Find out more about Richer Education Science Camps and book online here

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